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Why Have A Coach?

We are better and achieve so much more when we are supported, that we can be totally upfront and honest with ourselves without being judged, and have someone who has the skill to ask incredibly GREAT questions, so we find the answers for ourselves.

Having a coach in your career provides 3 things:

  1. Provides a safe platform to explore what makes us tick

  2. Identifies limiting beliefs that are holding us back

  3. Develops patterns to overcome the beliefs and achieve goals.

Authentic Leadership Coaching: What Can You Expect?

What you can expect from a WALT Institute coach is that you will form a relationship with your coach who will tailor the strategies to maximise YOUR potential. The best coach has a well-developed sense of the challenges you are facing which allows them to design the training that ‘overshoots’ your goals in the right ways. Your Authentic Leadership coach needs to be sure you have the strategies and ability to face every challenge and prepare you to exceed your needs.

Book weekly or fortnightly sessions at a time that suits YOU and your schedule. 

Results of Authentic Leadership Coaching:

Authentic Leadership Coaching from WALT Institute, is the art and science of partnering with individuals to facilitate the unlocking of deeper levels of self-awareness, self-regulation, psychological capital and agency. To create empowered Authentic Leaders who lead themselves and others at superior levels of leadership.

Authentic Leadership coaches have the skills and ability to tap into the beliefs, habits and patterns that are holding you back, and help you unravel your values and innate strengths.

Regular tiny tweaks of action, with a supportive coach, who guides you, celebrates with you and holds you accountable. Progressing your career faster with more ease and more skill!


What People are Saying

I love being more proactive and not a passenger in my life!
Associate Prof Bobby Fleiss
RMIT University
The new insights. The chance to get specific advice to my situation.
Dr Wendy Dankers
Calling me out. Works every time!
Dr Laveniya
Thank you for helping to teach me that being vulnerable isn't a sign of weakness, it's a form of incredible strength.
Dr. Erin McGillick
PhD Research Fellow