Why Have A Coach?

We are better and achieve so much more when we are supported, that we can be totally upfront and honest with ourselves without being judged, and have someone who has the skill to ask incredibly GREAT questions, so we find the answers for ourselves.

Having a coach in your career provides 3 things:

  1. Provides a safe platform to explore what makes us tick

  2. Identifies limiting beliefs that are holding us back

  3. Develops patterns to overcome the beliefs and achieve new goals.

Authentic Leadership Coaching: What Can You Expect?

What you can expect from a WALT Institute coach is that you will form a relationship with your coach who will tailor the strategies to maximise YOUR potential. The best coach has a well-developed sense of the challenges you are facing which allows them to design the training that ‘overshoots’ your goals in the right ways. Your Authentic Leadership coach needs to be sure you have the strategies and ability to face every challenge and prepare you to exceed your needs.

Book weekly or fortnightly sessions at a time that suits YOU and your schedule. 

Taking your knowledge of yourself, even further!

You already know what your business is about and we can give you that competitive edge by honing your skills to be an Authentic Leader. One that has high levels of self-awareness, self-regulation, psychological capital, and agency. With these components of Authentic Leadership, you will be more focussed, less stressed, and more productive to lead yourself and your teams to a whole new level of innovation, creativity, and productivity. Our expert Leadership and Performance coaches will support you, stretch you, walk alongside, hold you accountable, celebrate your successes, inspire and cultivate your Authentic Leadership.

"Coaching helps you to take responsibility for your life, let go of what others think and become your true self. It's about you creating the life that you want - and deserve."

Emma-Louise Elsey.

6 and 12-month coaching packages include:

Skills Required

Only pre-requisite is a desire to be curious and an openness to learn.

Some say leaders are born, others say they are developed. We believe that Authentic Leadership is like a muscle that needs training, development and growth within the right environment. This is not about traditional modes of leadership. Not about a "process" or change management. When we know who we truly are, are real, open, honest, vulnerable (when needed) and do everything in alignment with our core values, then we can achieve greater heights in everything we do. You may have the knowledge but not sure HOW to implement it and need someone to show you. Our coaches work with you to release the untapped potential and provide a way for you to step into your own Authentic power!


What People are Saying

It's more than okay to BE me, I'm actually living as me.
Jade Bilardi
ARC Decra Senior Research Fellow, Monash University
I've learned how to recognise and draw on my innate strengths and those of my team.
Dr. Jun Yang
I love and appreciate the honesty of being pushed and gaining momentum.
Dr Kiymet Bozaoglu
Lab Head, Research Lead, MCRI
I feel more accomplished. Having someone who has my back!
Dr Denuja Karunakaran
Lab head