'Your Authentic Self' - 8 week group coaching program


WALT Institute have designed this program for people in STEMM to develop Authentic Leadership skills, confidence, and clarity, to lead themselves and others with power and strength. This is an 8week, 16-part online LIVE program (plus bonus pre-work week) we help researchers, academics and executives grow their authentic selves to a whole new level.

We know that when we work with people they get results, and we facilitate this in a way that is helpful, effective and transferable across life AND career.
Grounded in positive psychology, the science of happiness and subjective well being, we coach and train skilled professionals to release their untapped potential. Using an Authentic Leadership approach, we promote higher psychological capital and safety, greater self-awareness, and an increased ability to self-regulate and promote an efficacious presence across all levels of the organisation.

We are ALL Leaders - of ourselves and others regardless of our job title. Authentic Leaders will integrate self-awareness, self-regulation, psychological capital with agency (ACTION) to flourish and thrive in all areas of life and career.

Target Audience

Executives, researchers, academics, clinicians working in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math or Medicine (STEMM). Our programs are tailored to both those with a leadership title or role,  and those who do not. We all require the skills to lead ourselves with Authenticity before we can lead others.

The aims of this program are:

Our Vision

A global STEMM community embracing Authentic Leadership practice, where individuals are able to be the best version of themselves and bring their strengths to the world while thriving in life and career.

Program Schedule

April 26th, 2021 intake

Pre-work bonus week. There will be no group calls. There will be short videos to watch and some assignments to get everyone on the same page, ready to launch next week.

May 3rd - 25th June 2021

The 8week immersion program. There will be 2 calls per week with homework challenges in between. The small numbers in each cohort allows for customisation of the material to the specific needs of individuals in the group.

A Little About Us

Christine has been a performance leadership coach for the last 15 years working with over 2000 people from over ten different countries, challenging the status quo and beliefs that are holding people back. She partners with researchers, academics and executives in STEMM to amplify their growth and impact in unconventional and Authentic ways.

Christine has had the pleasure of working with international athletes and teams, organisations like Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Bionics Institute and employees from universities, research and medical institutes. She believes people in STEMM can achieve success in their life AND career by being Authentic, having fun and unleashing the best version of themselves.

Elizabeth has been a coach, mentor and facilitator for over three decades, working with over 700 leaders managers and executives across ten different countries. She partners with researchers, academics, health professionals and executives in STEMM to unleash the best version of themselves and their teams.

Elizabeth moved countries to complete her PhD in 2014, and continues to lead research projects through Monash University School of Public Health. She has provided coaching and training to organisations like Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Bionics Institute and employees from universities, research and medical institutes; contributing to the New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists as President 2007-2010; and presenting widely in her field and publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals.

She believes that every person has the ability to stand in their own authentic truth and believe “I am enough”, and feel empowered to lead themselves and others, regardless of their job title, as an Authentic Leader if they choose to do so. Together they Co-founded WALT Institute in 2017 and created a series of coaching programs to challenge the status quo, push the boundaries and find a way for YOU to reach higher than you ever thought possible. They have supported and helped hundreds of people across the world with their cutting edge, dynamic Authentic Leadership methodologies and principles.


What People are Saying

Each module of the program left me eager for the next.
Sandra Robinson
Research Officer, Monash University
I really enjoyed the course both the online component and the 3-day face-to-face workshop.
Dr. Jun Yang
The importance of being in action, not letting resistance and hesitations get in the way.
Jen Heddon
Occupational Therapist, MidCentral Health
Thank you for helping to teach me that being vulnerable isn't a sign of weakness, it's a form of incredible strength.
Dr. Erin McGillick
PhD Research Fellow, Hudson Institute of Medical Research